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If I was Your Vampire
Bullet; WhiteName: Vam
Bullet; BlackGender: Male
Bullet; WhiteAge: Unknown
Bullet; BlackStatus: Single
Bullet; WhitePelt: White
Bullet; BlackEyes: Dead Gray
Bullet; WhiteMane: Black
Bullet; BlackTail: Black
Bullet; WhiteHooves: Black
Bullet; BlackOther: 'Blame Me' in Blood on Left Side
Bloody Eyes and Blood on Back


:bulletblack:Personality Description: Quite. Recluse. Skittish. 
Vam use to be a show horse! One of the greatest, he was very popular and loved by many. The downside, his owner was obsessed with the fame and fortune and lost control one night after drinking. 
He beat Vam almost to death after his wife left him, saying he was too obsessed with his horse's fame and how it was ruining him and their marriage.  He blamed Vam, vs just blaming himself.
Vam managed to escape the abuse, but now wonders alone and avoids any sort of contact. 
:bulletwhite:Role Play Status: Open

This character has been LONG Overdo! :heart:

Vam (c) :iconhorsez:
Design (c) :icongyngercookie:
:bulletwhite:Name: Cizair
:bulletblack:Gender: Male
:bulletwhite:Age: Unknown
:bulletblack:Status: Single
:bulletwhite:Pelt: Off White/Pale
:bulletblack:Eyes: Gray
:bulletwhite:Mane: Short and White
:bulletblack:Tail: White
:bulletwhite:Hooves: Pale White
:bulletblack:Other: Black Markings on Back, Wings, Eyes, Ears and Legs
Bloody Stitches Everywhere! :heart:

:bulletwhite:Personality Description: Quiet. Alone. Emo.
Cizair is believed to be a fallen angel...but in Calalinni, there is no such thing.
Nonetheless, no one knows exactly where he came form or how he turned up. It's rumored he use to be normal and beautiful once upon a time, but jealously took over in other's hearts and soiled Cizair stunning appearance into something more frightful. 
:bulletblack:Residence: Calalinni Island; Graveyard
:bulletwhitek:Role Play Status: Open

Cizair/Drawing (c) :iconhorsez:
From my own Adopt Sheet in 2012:…
:bulletblack:Name: Zenaku
:bulletred:Name Meaning: Evil in Japanese 
:bulletorange:Gender: Male
:bulletblack:Breed: Toxic Hellequine
:bulletred:Age: Unkown
:bulletorange:Status: Single
:bulletblack:Pelt: Black
:bulletred:Eyes: Red and Mist
:bulletorange:Mane: Black
:bulletblack:Tail: Black
:bulletred:Hooves: Maroon with Red Mist
:bulletorange:Other: Has Antlers and Horn Mask

:bulletblack:Personality Description: Dark. Loner. Brute.
:bulletred:Role Play Status: Open

Because I'm too lazy and since 2012, I have STRUGGLED to recreate this beautiful creature who so badly needed a reference. 

Character (c) :iconhorsez:
Design/Picture and Breed (c) :iconneonflamez:
:bulletred:Name: Deedra
:bulletblack:Nick Name: Dee
:bulletred:Gender: Female
:bulletblack:Age: Unknown
:bulletred:Status: Single
:bulletblack:Pelt: Black
:bulletred:Eyes: Pink
:bulletblack:Mane: Black
:bulletred:Tail: Black
:bulletblack:Hooves: Dark Red

:bulletred:Personality Description: Cursed. Quiet. Broken.
Cursed and chained with bleeding scars, this fallen angel has been in the dark for so long she has been forever corrupted by darkness. She still searches for answers though of who she really is and how she has come to be this way.
:bulletblack:Role Play Status: Open

Reference picture:…

Lines (c) :iconhorsez:
Original Design (c) :iconcuppiecakeadopts:
So every time I get on, I have like over 10,000 notifications.
I actually made a new account, and keep forgetting to check this one. ^^;

I'll still post pics up here for characters, but if your still interested in continuing RP or want to start a new one, then PLEASE comment me or note me and I'll send you a link so my active account. ^_^ I'm actually getting active again and replying to people! :dummy: Just need a good kick in my butt to get me going again. :D
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SOME characters got moved over to my main account where I'm more active and accepting role plays.
Note me if you want my info.
This account is mostly for storage and references.
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